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Cicero Fire Department Expands Emergency Response Services

News & Events November 2, 2020

Town President Larry Dominick receives a "Fiefighter's Axe" from the Cicero Firefighters and from union leaders for his strong support of the Fire Department. Photo courtesy of the Town of Cicero and Gerardo Lopez.


Cicero Fire Chief Dominick Buscemi on last week announced that the Fire Department will “transition to a fully integrated, all-hazards agency” to expand emergency response services to the Town’s residents.

Buscemi, surrounded by representatives of the various local and state firefighters unions, said that the Town will require that all personnel in the collective bargaining agreement will be cross-trained both as firefighters and as paramedics.

The Town of Cicero will also, under the direction of Town President Larry Dominick hire an additional 18 firefighters to increase the department’s life-saving and fire-fighting response to 94.

“This plan brings bother sides of the Department together in a way that will finally make it one force, which will translate to bringing better pre-hospital care for residents and all who travel through it and who work here,” Buscemi said during a press conference at Cicero Town Hall.

“Our new All-Hazards Department requires now that all entry-level candidates for operational positions will be required to achieve the following minimum certification requirements of Firefighter II, Licensed Paramedic, CPR certification, Hazardous Materials Operations, Fire Apparatus Engineer, Fire Services District Operations, Technical Rescue Awareness and NIMS Level 100-700.”

Cicero Fire Department officials held a press conference to outline the agreement and plans for cross training firefighters and paramedics. Click here to watch the video online or use the widget below

Buscemi explained that the various services are currently provided by individual teams and units.

“The Town’s firefighters and paramedics will be the most qualified individuals who will no doubt provide the professionalism that is required and the highest level of emergency response services possible,” Buscemi said.

Chuck Sullivan, President of the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois (AFFI), which represents more than 15,000 firefighter/paramedics in 225 communities across Illinois, including Cicero.

Stephen Fiore, President Cicero Firefighters Local 717, and union members present Town President Larry Dominick with a “Firefighter’s Axe” in gratitude for his continued support. Photo courtesy of the Town of CIcero and Gerardo Lopez.

“The professional relationship that Local 717 has developed with President Dominick and Chief Buscemi is remarkable. Both sides respect each other and have many common goals and they achieved many of their goals in this contract,” Sullivan said.

“It is also remarkable that the Town President and the Fire Chief understand the importance of public safety, as well as firefighter safety and they, make that their number one priority. … This agreement will dramatically increase the safety and welfare of every single citizen and business in this town.”

Local 717 Labor Attorney Jerry Marzullo for AFFI 717 Cicero Professional Firefighters called the agreement unprecedented and remarkable.

“Chief Buscemi and President Dominick truly understand the value that our firefighter brings to the community,” Marzullo said.

Stephen Fiore, President Cicero Firefighters Local 717 applauded the agreement.

“President Dominick is a very labor-friendly president as well as being concerned for the safety of his citizens,” Fiore said.

Town President Larry Dominick praised the ratification by the Board of Trustees saying, “We have the best Fire Department of any community. You are all an outstanding group of men and women and first responders who provide the best emergency response and care to our residents.”

Assessor Emilio Cundari praised the Fire Department and the cross-training firefighters and paramedics “will mean better emergency response services to all of our citizens, especially to our senior community.”

Buscemi said that the new agreement will put paramedics on every rig in the fire department, not only on ambulances but paramedics will be on the engines.

“That will put more qualified people on the street at all given times to perform any type of EMS services for our citizens,” Buscemi said.

Buscemi said the agreement not only will provide greater services to residents but will also eliminate the need to hire costly outside ambulance services to respond to emergencies.

“This contract is critical because we are putting more licensed paramedics on the street immediately,” Buscemi said.

“We are increasing the EMS staff by 18. We are putting more EMS professionals on every rig to increase EMS services at any given time.”

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